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Frye Painting has extensive experience in interior & exterior painting through out the Inland Empire area. Whether you want to give your interior or exterior a new look or are trying to restore it to it’s former glory, Frye Painting can handle the job from start to finish! I can provide expert advice and consultation to help you achieve your interior design vision .
Painting with Colors
Color Matching to your current furnishings or room decor.
Recommendation on the type of paint or finish to use based on its durability, look, and maintenance characteristics.
Proper protection
Proper protection and covering of your floors, moldings, windows, furniture, and any other surfaces that are not to be painted.
Proper Surface preparation
Thorough cleaning of the surface.
Scraping, spackling, and sanding of any loose paint or surface defects such as cracks or old nail holes.
All appropriate surfaces will be primed prior to applying the paint.
Proper application
Proper application of the paint.
Use of high quality paints.
Proper and neat storage of all equipment during the job.
I always show up on time.
I will never leave you wondering when or if I'm are going to show up.
Customer Service
My customer’s needs and décor vision are of the utmost importance. I will strive to provide a finished paint product far more valuable than the client’s initial expectations. It is my companys’s continuous goal to maintain a mutual respect, and a long term relationship before, during and after the scope of work is completed.

Design Advise

  • Pick a favorite color from your closet, a piece of much-loved art, nature, a fabric or a box of crayons. It doesn’t matter where the inspiration comes from.
  • Value, the relative lightness and darkness of color, can be another deal breaker when creating a color palette. Create a scheme with three colors that work together, say a triadic scheme of colors from three points on the color wheel.
  • Opposites attract. Across the color wheel from your favorite hue are its complementary colors. These opposites often look great together.
  • The amount of color in a hue is indicative of how intense it is. Colors in a successful palette will match in intensity—one shouldn’t be too hot and the other washed out. A room in soft pinks, for instance, would feel jarring and uncomfortable with the addition of hot pink, which has a lot more pigment in it even though it still pink.
  • "Look both ways" is good advice whether you’re crossing the street or choosing hues to go with your fave. This is where the color wheel comes in. The colors that sit to the right and left of your favorite color on the wheel are analogous. An analogous color scheme is often soothing.
  • If you are just wild (or indecisive) by nature and love to mix a whole bunch of colors, don’t forget black and white. This duo can help connect and ground your mixed bag of colors in a dramatic and effective way. .


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